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The Nail House

The ‘Nail House’—that little old one-story with green shutters at the entrance to City Park—has a pretty BIG story to tell—a whole saga of ‘maker’ stories, in fact, that have inspired historians, artists, activists, and just plain folks, to save it—share it—and repair it for over two centuries!

NH drawing1
cleanup day
cleanup day 3
cleanup day 2
Melanie and Aliano
nail house
queni and workers
nail house museum
nail house sign

Preservation = sustainability!

The 'Nail House,' a humble one-story building with green shutters at City Park's entrance, holds a monumental narrative of craftsmanship that has inspired preservation efforts for over two centuries, and now, with the support of the City, the 1772 Foundation, and the NJ Historic Trust, we invite you to join us in restoring its legacy and make a lasting impact together.

CHABA’s newly published …
“This Little Building is HUGE!…"

This Little Building Cover.jpg

Your purchase of this book immediately supports repairs to The Nail House.

Thank you!

Want to drill down to the nitty-gritty documentary and structural history of this big little place?

Penny Watson’s historical narrative forms part of a full-scale Preservation Plan (2013) for the structure. This study--a treasure of context and information! by Watson & Henry--was funded by the New Jersey Historic Trust via a grant CHABA helped the City apply for when we were just getting underway in 2011; it is now the basis of our fundraising and restoration planning.

Drill down to the amazing illustrations too! 

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