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Preservation for the people...

For us, preservation isn’t just about pretty exteriors. It’s about safe, vibrant, and sustainable neighborhoods with great stories to tell. It’s about building better communities through creative, hands-on placemaking. We connect people with each other, across regions and disciplines, to help improve the economy, job prospects, education and the environment. 

We provide free training, and the tools and information people need to make old houses work for new families. We take the fear-factor out of Historic District Commission reviews. If you need one we’ll even go with you - for free! 

OH MY, Bridgeton…


That story is written on more than 2000 individual homes and other properties in the Bridgeton Historic District.

Every turret or slice of “gingerbread” declares a striving to be independent— and just a little bit different, as people created communities, became neighbors, prayed, celebrated and helped one another.

It’s a story worth saving.
It’s a story worth sharing.
It’s OUR story.
And it still matters.

The better to make a difference in, my dear!

There’s a great big story, and a lot of little ones, in the state’s largest historic district. It’s about how the dreams of people from everywhere in the world shaped two amazing American centuries.

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