Bring Back The Nail House!

Bring Back The Nail House!

This Little Building is Huge! Help us restore and reclaim this icon of Bridgeton's industrial and working class heritage.

Cohansey River

Cohansey River

from the Bridgeton Bluffs

Ferracute Office Building

Ferracute Office Building

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park

Downtown's pocket park

Downtown's pocket park

Candlelight Procession

Candlelight Procession

For the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Commerce Street Bridge

Commerce Street Bridge

Pocket Park at night

Pocket Park at night

View of Sunset Lake from Piney Point

View of Sunset Lake from Piney Point

Bridgeton's City Park


We are an open circle of cultural and multicultural activists--some young, some seasoned,

all invested in sustainability.  
For us, historic preservation is creative, futuristic work.

We are not out to freeze the past, but to model

people-centered “placemaking” as a path to green,

sustainable, culturally & economically diverse

housing and neighborhood improvement.

We dare to think this is also a path to jobs creation...quality of life ...environmental justice and economic reinvestment.

We pour our energies (and yes, our love) into this

small New Jersey city because it tells an amazingly rich story of the making of America--working and

middle-class--farming and industry--native

& immigrant--over four centuries. ​

...And because, with the largest historic district

in the state, this same small city enlarges

the challenge and the potential impact

of everything we do.  JOIN US!

Thank you, Brittney!

CHABA has been fortunate this past year in having Brittney Ingersoll, MA (recently-named new Director of the Cumberland County Historical Society), as our Nail House

"Historian in Residence."

We want of course to thank Brittney, but also all those who attended her Library talks over the course of

her 'residency' year.
Check back here soon for links
to these talks as audiofiles!

...and additional thanks to the Cumberland County Cultural & Heritage Commission, who provided the funding that made our Nail House residencies possible!

(and to the Bridgeton Public Library that provided the venue for her talks).

County 2016 Logo.jpg

Thanks for coming! It was a great turnout, and a great day for the Library and for local authors--including our own.
    We also got to meet quite a number of other local authors (who knew??) as well as develop potential new audiences. 
thank you, Linda McFadden and Adaria Armstrong of the Bridgeton Public Library!  You  worked hard--to make it day of fun and profit for author and audience alike...and it was!

Our intergenerational children's book--in English and Spanish....

Now selling out its SECOND PRINTING! Purchase your copy... or gift one to your favorite little (or BIG) 'historian'
for the holidays!

Other "Nail House as Time Machine" Showcase Events

CHABA exhibits at the Nail House:

 Artist-in-Residence Rita Lynn Lyman will artfully

re-imagine local history, especially the history of the Nail Mill,

with selected artwork AND her finished installation.




Named for the tiny bridge that has straddled the Cohansey River here since 1716, Bridgeton has been the seat of New Jersey’s rural Cumberland County since before the Revolution. It is steeped in a marinade of precolonial, colonial and postcolonial histories and cultures.  

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CHABA has been collaborating with the City of Bridgeton (which owns the Nail House--the little building at the entrance to Bridgeton CIty Park) on repairs that have made this historic 'founder site'

accessible again. 

We are committed to assuring that this key contributing structure can keep telling not just the story of the city itself but of the park--a gem of public space and one of the largest urban parks in the state--expressing CHABA's commitment to the work of promoting environmental justice in this community and beyond.


Linocut below by Bridgeton artist James Cox 1935

Bridgeton’s architectural range is encyclopedic: from cabin to castle, high Victorian to classical revival to modernist. The Historic District itself includes an amazing number of individual architectural gems, many designed by noted architects. 

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Nail House linocut_ James Cox 1935.png

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